2d POWER UPS for 3d animators

 with Scott Wright.

Check out seasoned PRO, Scott Wright, in our brand new course "2d POWER UPS for 3d animators." These two disciplines share more of a common ground than you think and understanding how 3d animation may help your 2d animation, and vice versa, can help take your animation skills to new heights.

NOTE: This course took place last summer 2020(LIVE). Currently course recordings and learning material is being optimized for an easier online learning experience. Available at PRE-SALE special pricing!

Grow as a 3d animator with 2d techniques


What will students learn?

  1. Students will explore posing techniques used in 2-D principles and apply them in 3-D.

  2. Learn body language and visualize emotions using design principles.

  3. Learn to break a scene down using composition, emotion and performance.

  4. Demonstrate the essence of figure posing through unity and variety.

  5. Students will design characters poses using a character's external and internal emotions.

How will this class work?

It will be a mixture of 2d/3d based lectures. Follow along as Scott shows you a series of tricks, techniques and cheats so you may grow your animation skills. The course will be broken down into 2 modalities. The first part will be a lecture where we examine the topic of that class. The second part will be where the instructor demonstrates the principle discussed.


How to marry 2d and 3d animation? How to create movements with structure and solid drawings? In this class you will learn a series of tips and techniques that allow you to use a 2d brain to create 3d images. Providing 2d basics intertwined with 3d movements. By going back to 2d basics and understanding how you think when you draw, it will  unleash a whole new 3d spectrum of possibilities.





Scott grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada where winters are long and summers are rare.

After studying  in Toronto, Canada, Scott graduated from Sheridan College and worked at DreamWorks in Los Angeles for 15 years. For the past 8 years Scott has been freelancing as a storyboard artist, character/prop designer, 2d and 3d animator at studios including Disney, Duncan Studios, and ReelFX.

skills up

Grow your 3d/2d animation skills by understanding the bridge between the two; with plenty of practices from our seasoned PRO.


Upon completion of the course receive certificate of completion to aid you in your career path!

Unlimited access

Access to recordings and course material never expire, so you may come back to them at any time and review the material again at your own pace.


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Course consists of 10 SESSIONS of approximately 1 hour each. Recordings are being edited and optimized for an easier online learning experience.

Questions? Feel free to send them to info@animawarriors.com