How does this class work?

In this class, all of the students will be comprised to act as an animation team. The team will be meeting with the teacher once a week for a 2.5+ hour session. During the class,  students will get feedback live from the teacher as well as give/receive animation feedback to and from their fellow team members. The feedback that's given on a shot will most likely affect the surrounding shots so it's not only crucial but beneficial for students to learn from other students' critiques. Especially since all shots will be linked together as a final result in a sequence.


The teacher (Stephen Eusebio) will act as the sequence lead and Jorge Vigara as the director.


In the first week there will be shot assignments and an initial kickoff with the director. From there, the students will work with the lead week to week moving their shots forward. Throughout the course of the workshop there will be 3 director reviews, the last one of which will be the final review during the last week of class. 


The sequence that the team executes will be one that will give plenty of opportunity for fun and creative choices. While the sequence lends itself to the animation style of the school, the students will also be responsible for upholding that style across individual shots and throughout the entire sequence.


The sequence is designed to have a good mix of A, B, and C shots so the students can be exposed to all kinds of shots. The reality of having to complete the work that they're given and not just the work that they want will be a great exercise in professionalism. The more time a student can devote to the class, the more shots they'll be given.

What will students learn?

In each session we'll be covering a myriad of different topics ranging from animation, technical workflow, and being a part of production. Students will learn how to implement director feedback, make choices while keeping in mind the surrounding shots and where their shot lies in the sequence, work as a team, and learn the importance of doing what's best for the sequence as a whole as opposed to a single shot. This workshop will cover Camera, Cinematography, Story and Character Arcs, and the other fundamentals needed to keep in mind while working on a shot in context. We'll also be going over some aspects of working on a team and being in a studio environment that students would normally only be exposed to on the job.

Directorial Feedback

Experience 4 directorial meetings with Jorge Vigara. Learn how to implement director's feedback and vision. On purpose, there will be obligatory revisions (changes) so you may also learn to adapt and modify your shots on the fly.

Summary specs:

  • Being part of an Animation Team.

  • Implementing director feedback.

  • Making informed animation choices.

  • Executing the work you're given vs. the work that you want to do.

  • Storyboarding Fundamentals

  • Camera Fundamentals

  • Composition and Cinematography Fundamentals.

  • Story and Character Fundamentals

  • Rhythm, Energy, and Pacing in a sequence.

Course Condensed Outline:

Week 1 & 2 - Story and Character Fundamentals

Week 3 & 4 - Storyboard Fundamentals

Week 5 & 6 - Composition and Cinematography

Week 7 & 8 - Camera Fundamentals

Week 9 & 10 - Rythm, Energy, and Pacing

Week 11 & 12 - Scene/Sequence Breakdown and Analysis

Class Flow:

-Animation Inspiration/Breakdown


-Workflow demo

-Anim Team Workshop


NOTE: Week 4, 8 and 12 DIRECTOR MEETING with Jorge Vigara, will be held on a separate date, where animators will present the shot to the director mimicking studio style session




Stephen Eusebio is from Los Angeles and has been a 3D artist and an Animator for 12 years. 


He currently works at Blizzard Cinematics. He has been there for almost 3 years animating for the best video game cinematics in the world. His work includes the cinematic and in-game cinematic shorts for Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and World of Warcraft.

What our students are saying:

"First of all, I'd like to thank Stephen for an excellent class. His general sensibilities from animation critique, technical knowledge, and awesome sequence he created for us helped in my overall understanding of Maya. He's very accessible and kind, making him easily approachable for any questions I may have had. I really liked the pace of the class- it felt challenging while also being reasonable, and I never felt too pressured."

- Grace V

skills up

Grow not only as a 3d animator but also as a team member and leader. Learn to actively nurture your creativity, workflow and time management when completing a team sequence.

feature ME

Upon completion each student & sequence will be featured, shared and promoted on all our social media outlets!


Get course accreditation/Letter of recommendation detailing syllabus, sequence, skills and aptitudes to further your career path!


Get Toyrig FREE license for 6 months + Animbot FREE license for 4 months so you may complete the course and for any personal shots.

+ info

"Anim Team Workshop" will start May 9 to July 25 2021, every Sunday, 9:30am-12:00pm (Vancouver time, GMT -7) for a total of 12 meeting with Stephen Eusebio.


Directorial Meetings schedule:

Week 1: Sunday, May 9, 10:00am (GMT -7) will be held on the first day of class.

Week 4: Wednesday, May 26, 11:00am (GMT -7) first director delivery.

Week 8: Wednesday, July 30, 11:00am (GMT -7) second director delivery.

Week 12: Wednesday, July 28, 11:00am (GMT -7) final director delivery.


All sessions will be recorded so you way watch again at your own time. Access to content studio will be provided where recordings will be added + any additional class content studio. 


Questions, comments or suggestions? Feel free to send them to:


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