Creature Animation Workshop




A Monster Workshop from MPC's Supervisor Kaveh Ruintan . We will cover all sorts of creature animations. Covering everything you need to know on how to give life considering the animalistic, physical and personality properties to each beast. 


12 weeks -1 session per week.

September 5th to November 21th, 2021, all  Sundays at 12 pm PST.


One Single payment : $499 or

Flexible payment in 2 months of $275 each

This course includes:


All the beasts
Learn the different ways each creature moves and behaves and how it applies to animation


Learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world


6months Free ToyRig
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Free Animbot
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How does a bird fly compared to a dragon? How does the behaviour of predator vs prey differ?  How can we apply character performance principles to any sort of beast or animal? And how does it all change going from a realistic to a cartoony animation style? 
In this Animation Creature Workshop, we will answer all these questions and many more by demonstrating the way to analyze and animate a large number of creatures.

Course Breakdown

Class #1: Quadruped Anatomy and locomotion fundamentals

Class #2.Weight in four legged walks, understanding animal locomotion

Class #3. Finding and analyzing references. Referencing different animals for fantasy and mythical creatures. i.e. dragon, griffin, etc. + walkthrough*

Class #4. Quadruped walks: Cats, big and small + walkthrough

Class #5.Quadruped walks: Dogs + walkthrough

Class #6. Quadruped walks: horses and Cervidae + walkthrough

Class #7.Quadruped runs and trots + walkthrough

Class #8. Animal behaviour: Predator vs prey. Advanced quadruped locomotion: jumping, climbing, attacks + walkthrough

Class #9.Fundamentals of flight + walkthrough flight cycle

Class #10.Advanced flight mechanics and overall production polish techniques + walkthrough

Class #11.Animal acting, body language and facial expressions, realistic and cartoony, finding the sweet spot + walkthrough

Class #12.Lipsync for animals, realistic and cartoony, finding the sweet spot + walkthrough


* Walkthrough consists of a step-by-step demonstration of gathering references, planning and animating a sample shot as per the session’s topic.

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Kaveh Ruintan

My name is Kaveh, I'm originally from Iran, now living in Montreal. I
fell in love with animation the first time I saw Baloo the Bear in the
Jungle Book. We had it on VHS tape and I had watched it so many times
that the image quality was almost nothing but white noise!

I have a  Master's degree in Fine Arts and been working professionally
for more than 10 years on TV commercials, short films, TV series,
feature and VFX films in different studios around the world. Currently
I'm an animation supervisor at MPC working on Disney's Pinocchio.

I think becoming a good animator is a never ending journey, I try to
learn everyday, observe life and find inspiration. Outside of work, I
love playing basketball, photography, reading and drawing.

I try to stay hungry and stay foolish.



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