3d Animation Full Training Program

 Year 1 of 3



Our full live mentorship lead by 5 talented teachers. In this first year of three, our focus will be on giving you a complete focus on the fundamentals of animation making. A solid program for those who want to learn 3d animation from scratch or those looking to revisit and improve their skills. In addition to more than 150 hrs of live teacher time, this whole experience comes with full access to Stream all our Online Courses and ToyRig Licenses. 

Limited to 14 students maximum


Live: 4 terms / 38 weeks / +150 hrs teacher time

Online pre-recorded : +100 hours of content

October 1st 2021 to September 30th 2022 , twice a week with 2 weeks break in between terms. 


Enrollment fee: $2,000 plus 

Term 1 $1,750 , Term 2 $1,200,  

Term 3 $650, Term 4 $400

* Access to this course requires an enrollment fee plus Student Application. 

This course includes:


With pro-teachers

+150 hrs live mentorship

Get full access to our complete catalogue of online courses,  +100 hours.


Dedicated Feedback

every week to oversee your progress and help you improve

for all our creative people  to share any progress, interact and discuss anything you'd like


+40 assignments

over the year for you to put your skills in practice


Open Feedback

An extra gathering twice a month with a support teacher


Our AAA rigs for your course and personal shots 

Free ToyRig


Free Animbot 

Yeah. We've got you covered

Serious foundations

for playing seriously

There is only one way to be fully creative: by gathering and cultivating the strongest foundations in your skills to create. 

That's why the 3d Animation Full Training Program is designed for everyone who wants to learn from zero but also for those interested in bulletproofing their current abilities. 

With a program full of fun and complete exercises + the full access to all our Online Courses, we just can't make it better and help you complete your learning process the way only you want. 


Course overview

#1 term



  • Bouncing Ball Foundations

  • Intro to Squash & Stretch

  • Intro to Workflow

  • Intro to Timing & Spacing







...and the journey continues

The Full Training Program (FTP) is meant to be an animated adventure of 3 years of learning, creativity and building teamwork skills. This is what you can expect in the year 2 and 3. 



Term 1
Simple Dynamic Action Shots - 1 character 

Term 2
Simple Pantomime Shots - Chest Up

Term 3
Dances and Synchronized shots with audio

Term 4
Full Body Action and Emotional Shots. No Dialogues. 


Optional Online Assignments focus: Hand posing and Straight Ahead animation. 



Term 1
Complex Dynamic Action Shot - 2 characters

Term 2
Complex Action Shot Full Body- 2 Characters

Term 3 & 4
Complex Close Facial Character Performance shot. 


Optional Online Assignments focus:  Splining and Secondary Actions.  

Get 100+ hours of Stream! 

By joining the Full Training Program you will get full access to Stream all our Online Courses so you can complete your learning process in your own way! Our current catalogue includes +100 hours of masterclasses, demos, lectures, workflows, tips & tricks from our pro teachers. But don't get overwhelmed! We will also help you select the best route to take for your current skills so you can spend your time wisely.


And no rush, once you've completed the 3 years program you will earn a LifeTime Access to Stream all our courses, so you can keep learning and enjoying all the new courses we will be adding for the time being!


Who is teaching this?

All our teachers on staff are professional animators with +5 years in high-quality productions in animation ... and not only that! Most of our teachers are still currently working on some sort of major production at this point.

In order to facilitate our teachers' well-being, we keep a flexible schedule in availability and we adapt to the ever-changing schedules from the entertainment industries that might affect them. Our goal is to help you learn and improve your skills no matter who is teaching from our selected teachers.

Our teacher's experience include:


Before you sign up ...

We don't want you to stress out during the Full Training Program (FTP). So there are some things you should consider before joining :


  • "Everybody Plays " . Participation is mandatory: there are 34 mandatory exercises that have to be completed in order for you to continue being part of the program.  Being part of the program means that you have to do a minimum amount of work. We won’t base your progress on you getting your exercises approved or not, but rather on your participation and how you are helping to create a collective environment of creativity.

  • The Full Training Program will require a 25-hour week commitment per week for classes and assignments.

Extra Support with Open feedback

Apart from your weekly lectures and feedback sessions with your teacher, you will be granted access to Open Feedback: A bi-monthly event in which students from our community gather to show their work and ask questions on animation to any other of our pro-teachers. 


These Rounds are based on a first-come-first-serve basis, so they tend to fill up fast with full of spontaneous lectures and critiques that will add to your learning experience.


Get Certified

Every student that completes and passes all the assignments of the 3 years of the Full Training Program will be recognized with an Animawarriors' Certificate to help you in your career.

Share, get helped, belong.

Every student at Animawarriors gets access to our Discord Community. A buzzing space for you to share, connect and have fun. 


At Animawarriors Community we are doing our best to create a culture of healthy creatives by bringing together people to discuss not just about their creations, but also about the important aspects of a good and balanced lifestyle. 


Because we believe that a healthy culture of creativity starts with healthy creative individuals all brought together. Join us?



Enrollment Fee



+ each term fee *

Term 1: 1.750$ 

Term 2: 1.200$

Term 3: 700$

Term 4: 450$

Pay in installments or in full

Pay all at once


The simplest and lowest cost option

*Each Term's Fee will be applied at the begging of corresponding term. 


It's ok to not know things. 

You can also write us here and we will gladly assist you. Just bare with us till we get back at you ;)