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by Jorge Vigara

+ 28 hr


Learn how to push the limits of your imagination and of  any 3d character rig by the use of all sort of different techniques to give your shots a rare and unique feel.


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by Andres Bedate

5 hr

Spider Body Mechanics Part 1

Follow Andrés Bedate - animator for "Spiderman into the Spiderverse" from Sony Pictures Imageworks in this online course with complete spiderverse themed Body Mechanics tips&techniques.


or 2x$175


by Stephen Eusebio

5 hr

Finding the Shot Through Rhytm

Finding A Shot Through Rhythm is another method of executing your shot but starting from the Rhythm and the Energy. Study a lecture and walk through a shot with Stephen Eusebio

or 2x$175


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The Method for 3d animators

Explore The Method, one of the most powerful but simple tools for acting in the actors circle. After using this for years, Jorge shares a very condensed technique for animators that want to improve their skills or find a new way to add to the acting shots.

Pose Animator, pose - part I

In this tutorial we explain a little more in detail the process of posing and how important it is to grow as animator.

Posing faces with appeal I

Sometimes we kind of get lost in the number of controls we have to deal with to get a clear, simple, and yet appealing pose. These are some workflow tips that keep it simple and fun without drowning in the process.

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