IMPROV for 3d animators

 with Ere Santos.

Join LIVE this fall the multifaceted PRO, Ere Santos, in our brand new course "IMPROV for 3d animators." We are going to be pushing Toyrig's acting skills, & YOURS to the next level in a truly unique course, that seeks to squeeze and nurture your creativity and imagination.

Grow as a 3d animator with on the fly improvisation techniques!


How does this class work?

Each week will be broken up into two classes. The first class of the week will always start with some improv followed by a discussion style lecture on improvisation principles followed by rounds. It can be tricky to draw connections between improvisation and animation, so the second class of the week will be a live animation demo, demonstrating how the principles of improv are applied. The class will collaboratively decide through improv what is animated during the live demos.

What will students learn?

The purpose of this course is to build creative confidence. When you’re working on big budget projects, the expectation to create unique choices can be daunting, but with this course, you will be able to practice skills that will give you a creative edge. The skills gained from improv are also very important for developing yourself professionally. Things change constantly on productions and being able to adapt and thrive is one of the most important skills to have. On top of that, there will be workflow tips and tricks that will be shared on a daily basis, that will help increase your speed and confidence.

Key points:

  • Ideation.

  • Collaboration.

  • Plussing boring ideas.

  • Dealing with creative changes.

  • How improv skills apply professionally.


“Yes, and…” This is the most important tool in any artists’ toolkit. Do you ever wonder how some of the top animators come up with such interesting, exciting, and unique choices in their shots? The secret is freeing your mind to be able to rapidly generate new and unique ideas on the fly with improvisation. With this course, you will get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of improv and practice those skills as they relate to animation.





Ere has been an improv comedy performer for about 6 years, 3 of which he has worked professionally as a character animator in feature films. 

Ere has had the privilege of working all over the world in studios like Pixar in the USA, Sony in Canada, And DNEG, and MPC in England. Currently a Senior Animator at Jellyfish Pictures on their first feature film project


He has worked in a variety of styles ranging from ultra realistic to ultra cartoony, and the one thing he has noticed is that THE BACKBONE of every great animation is a solid grasp of entertainment and performance.

skills up

Grow your 3d animation skills with improvisation techniques that will stretch your creativity and nurture your unique animation signature style.


Experience everything live! If you have any questions you may send them in via the chat, also, interact & learn from other students as well. We try to make our live classes as interactive as possible and FUN!

Unlimited access

Access to recordings and course material never expire, so you may come back to them at any time and review the material again at your own pace.


Get Toyrig FREE license for 4 months + Animbot FREE license for 4 months so you may complete the course and for any personal shots.

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18 LIVE SESSIONS. Starting October 20 to December 17, 2020.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM, (Vancouver time, GMT -7).


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*Don't worry if you miss a session, everything will be recorded and you will be given access to content studio so you may re-watch it at any time.


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