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Andrés Bedate

Sony Imageworks

Bron Animation



I am a Spanish animator with seven years of experience in animation, three of them in Feature Animation divisions for studios such as Cinesite ("The Star"), Sony Pictures Imageworks ("Hotel Transylvania 3", "Spiderman into the Spiderverse") Bron Animation ("The Willoughbys") and I recently went back to Sony to work in the movie "Vivo". 

I also worked in TV series like "Pocoyo" in Zinkia Entertainment, TV advertising for “In Efecto”. I also worked as a freelancer for several video game and apps companies in different parts of the world.


All this projects have provided me with the opportunity of working in big and small projects, with a very high-pressure work atmosphere, a really good level of animation, with very short lead times and a teamwork environment, where it is necessary to be able to work closely with the other colleagues in order to meet the deadlines. 

I studied a 5 year degree in Cinema and Arts which provided me a wide knowledge about the cinematographic language and other technical skills, and a full year 3D character animation Master at u-Tad in Madrid.


I have worked in a couple of countries around the world such as Spain, France, Brazil and Canada. This fact granted me with the opportunity of learning new cultures and different ways of life while I worked on something I love. I really enjoy showing and teaching what I have learned in the past years from some of the best professionals in the industry. My style is more towards a cartoony one since Sony usually goes for more stylized and snappy animations, but I also like doing some more contained, realistic and natural animations to express feelings and actions.


My particular goal is to always keep learning and to develop professionally and personally while I exert myself to the maximum and have a good time with my colleagues and students.

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TurboSkills - Live course


Spider Body Mechanics

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