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Daniel G. Fillat is an animator from Pamplona, Navarre, currently working as a Senior Animator at Quell.
After finishing his Master in Advanced Animation, his first experience as a professional animator was a Technicolor Internship in Montreal, where he was trained in VFX animation for creatures and characters, and from there started working in Mill Film in VFX feature films “Cats” and “Finch”

From there, he moved to the Canary Islands, where he started working on games, on titles like “Paw Patrol, Adventure City” and “ Hotel Transylvania: Scary Tale Adventures” among others. After that he joined Quell, developing animation and rigging for its flagship title “Shardfall”.

During his career, he also worked on many short films and side projects such as Goya Winner “Madrid 2120”, +30 Official festival selections “ Dispherent”, Mundos Digitales’ finalist “Beep”,”Nidels”,”He loves you as you are” and more, getting experience in many different styles of animation and workflows.

Complementing his Animation skills, Daniel has knowledge and experience in rigging,programming, game-design, and acting (both musical and theater). With a newfound passion for teaching, you will always find him enjoying a good book, a new videogame or at a TTRPG session.

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