Admissions Advisor is a teaching school and platform for 3d Animation, focussed on the development of creativity and skills of the craft. At this time we offer a variety of Live courses and Online - pre recorded - courses, and our teachers are AAA professionals from the film and videogame artists such as Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Wizard, etc...

As Admissions Advisor you will report directly to the Platform Managers and the Director . This is a part time position with a primary focus on sales.

We have created an energetic, team-focused, inclusive culture and we are looking to add another dynamic personality with aligned goals and values.

We are looking for a goal-orientated achiever, with confident sales experience, who is able to drive the goals of the business. Strong organizational skills, the ability to identify potential obstacles and create solutions in advance, and effective time management are not only assets, but essential in this role.

Our philosophy as a school is "Be unique" and we are looking for someone with the self-motivational skills to live up to this philosophy.

Sales experience is required for all applicants, and those with experience in the post-secondary admissions world will be given preference.

In this position, you key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-  Understanding the brand and the philosophy behind the school and learn the details of our different learning formats and courses. 

- Set and conduct specific sales goals that align with the overall direction and business goals

- Find prospects and leads

- Maintain constant communication and work alongside the Platform Manager to ensure students have everything in order so they begin their training with us confidently and with any concerns or obstacles navigated in tandem with our Team.

- Explain how our solutions align with their studies plans or interests. 

- Consult with Marketing team to ensure the efficiency

- Track and monitor your work

- Prepare and present reports when needed

- Report to management team
- Enhance relationships with industry stakeholders

Conditions of this position:

- Part time position ( 20 to 30 hr per week )
- Salary: 33 $/hr

- Additional Commission pay upon financial goals achievement.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to: