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Live courses main goal is to provide students a high level of interaction with instructors/mentors. Providing live grouped sessions in which students receive feedback immediately. They may take place once a year or once every season, within a specific time and date. All live courses are recorded so students may go back and review material at their own pace too.

Live Series

Studio Prime

Turbo Skills Mentorship


Explore and choose your learning path. Get access to all 4 live courses TODAY! From Live Series - Sparkling Cartoon, Spring Rounds, Studio Prime 3D Animation Course, and Turbo Skills Mentorship.

NOTE: Before purchasing LIVE SEASON PASS, please apply to the mentioned courses and make sure you're accepted in order to take them live, no refunds will be provided. Also, by purchasing this bundle you will get access to all course recordings and content studio for all 4 live courses, even if you are not accepted to participate live.