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Live series:


Join Live "Animation" Series as we all complete together, step by step, a shot. Experience the evolution of the animation, from planning to polish. Follow along as we first sketch it, get in on our creative choices, receive personal tips&tricks for this particular shot, and every stage of the workflow in order to complete it. Experience everything live with other students, ask questions on the chat as we go along, interact with other students.  Send in your progress via email of the shot for review, and feedback.

Acting Shot Reference

Get free access to ToyRig

ToyRig is a AAA rig done by AAA professionals from the film industry, and you will have full access to it for 3 months, to use for the animation that we will be working on together and any personal shot. 

Animbot discount cupon

Sign up to Live Series and get $10 usd discount for animbot license.

Get in on the live action!

Join meeting using Zoom web conference to follow along as we all complete together the same animation shot. Ask questions in real-time using the chat and interact with other student animators. (If you have additional questions of the progress of your shot- the one you are copying from Jorge- you may use Syncsketch and send him an email for feedback and evaluation.)

Note: All sessions will be recorded so you may come back and re-watch at any time you want.

Flow and Workflow

- Exploring the planning through video ref and thumbnail
- On hands real application of the workflow
- Different tips and trick and techniques to do a blocking advanced on stepped mode.
- Tips and tricks on splining mode.
- Finalizing a shot & clean up.

Grow as an animator by copying, step by step, our animation process for a particular shot.

One of the best ways to learn is by simply imitating or copying someone else's workflow and animation techniques. Experience live how we first tackle an animation, look for references, plan the shot, set our scene, prepare the golden poses, and complete the animation. 

Learn live with other students around the globe, ask questions as we go on and animate our shot. Get immediate tips and essential techniques.

"I said it before and I'll say it again. Animawarriors has such a different approach from your regular online course, no restriction of the type of shot you wanna do, focus truly on your creativity and bringing your shot to life. 10/10 recommend"


Andre Guy

Course currently consists of 10 classes in total of about 2-2.5hrs each. Will further be optimized to break down into smaller lessons for online course structure.

Questions? Feel free to send them to