The purpose of this course is to provide students with the essential understanding of Maya and AnimBot that will allow them to further their studies in animating in Maya.

How does this class work?

The course consists on 10 classes total where the teacher will go over Maya and animBot tools and functionality. Each class will be a live demo that the students can follow along.


What will students learn?

This course will be divided into two parts:

The goal of Part 01 of this workshop is to provide students with the working knowledge of Maya they’ll need in order to animate. It’s important to note though that these are just some of the foundations of Maya, particularly those most useful to professional animators.

    The goal of Part 02 portion of the workshop is to provide students with a foundational understanding of AnimBot that will enable them to delve further into the tools on their own. We will be covering the tools that are most frequently used by animators and other tools that will give you a deeper understanding of the rest of AnimBot’s flexibility and utility.


Maya Overview (Part 01)

Learn how to install and setup Maya properly. Dropdown menus. Viewport navigation, settings and layout.


Basics for Animators:

    -quick poly creation just to use for example for rest of tools

    -Translate tool 

    -Rotate tool

    -Scale tool

    -Selection tool

    *different spaces, tool settings, shortcuts

Also, learn cameras overview. Workspace layouts & outliner. Primitive Creation. Channel Box. Anim windows. Setting Keys. Maya projects. Hot keys. Script editor. Custom scripts. Constraints. Reference Editor. Picker.

-Rigs Overview:

    -Ball Rig

    -Prop Rigs

    -Vehicle Rigs

    -Character Rigs

And more...

animBot Overview (Part 02)

Learn how to install animBot, founder Alan Camilo, Green tools, Green slider functionality,Yellow Slider Functionality, AnimBot Tangents,Key tints, AnimBot selection, Copy/paste animation, Mirroring, Aligning, Pivots,Motion Trails, Timeline and Playback, Extra Tools, Exercises...





Stephen Eusebio is from Los Angeles and has been a 3D artist and an Animator for 12 years. 


He currently works at Blizzard Cinematics. He has been there for almost 3 years animating for the best video game cinematics in the world. His work includes the cinematic and in-game cinematic shorts for Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and World of Warcraft.

skills up

Grow your Maya and animBot skills. Make the software work in your benefit and not against you, so you may focus on the fun part in letting loose your imagination and creativity!


UNEDITED/UNCUT live demonstrations performed by Stephen Eusebio so you may follow along. Please note: This live demonstrations have already taken place, what you will be watching are the recordings.

Unlimited access

Access to recordings and course material never expire, so you may come back to them at any time and review the material again at your own pace.


Get Toyrig FREE license for 3 months + Animbot $10USD animabot discount so you may complete the course and for any personal shots.

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"Essential Maya + animBot Bootcamp" includes 10 sessions (live demonstrations) that consist of 1.5-2.5hrs each.

First 5 sessions covering core Maya concepts and second 5 sessions covering essential animBot tools.


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