Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary since Animawarriors first started.

Here are some words from our founder, Jorge Vigara:

"One year creating the Animawarriors project. Wow. Really, no words can describe how rich this project has been. My head goes around trying to find a "nice and good text with words of gratitude" that may be nice to read for all who reads our newsletters, and the truth is that I do not want to over sweet a message that has already so much deep meaning into it. Because Animawarriors was born around one year ago, and since then we have been teaching to over +300 students - both in live and online classes. Many of them have been playing around with new styles, being brave on not fitting in the animation industry standards and animating simply for their own sake . We've expanded the vision of our courses with new teachers, amazing artists ... and everyone welcomed them. We've survived through a pandemic times - at least for now - and we never stopped receiving support from students and fellow artists. So truly, this celebration of what has happened just simply humbles me and fills my heart with joy and deep thankfulness to all that has contributed for this project to make this first year of life. We will keep working this second year in trying to help out and support the student community to learn animation from new and different perspectives and we will try to do it , again, having all you as our main focus. May we all keep having fun in our creative lives and stay well, healthy and joyful as possible."

-Jorge Vigara

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