NEW Online Courses (Winter 2021)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This October we bring you Spooky updates with lots of treats. :)

Our talented instructors are working hard on brand new Online Courses to provide you a plethora of essential tips & tricks, step by step demonstrations that you may follow, plus lot's of practice.

Coming SOON this Winter 2021 & available at PRE-SALE SPECIAL pricing now. ;)

Saweeet! Want to know more? Check the details down below!

"2D Faces Unleashed"

With Scott Wright -25 year veteran in the animation industry.

Unleash your artistic skills with drawing faces full 360°. Learn how to draw any facial expression from any angle with traditional animation techniques.

Throughout this course we'll deal with how to construct the human head. We’ll go over basic skeleton and muscular systems and what we need to pay attention to when animating human facial features. You will learn how to rotate a head design 360 degrees and create expressions that work for 3D animators. From there we’ll end by creating a short animation piece of a character reacting to a piece of dialogue off screen.

Entire course release date: January 04, 2021. Available at pre-sale pricing today!

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"Spidey Body Mechanics 1"

With Andrés Bedate - animator for "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse".

Course with complete spider-verse themed Body Mechanics tips&techniques.

BOOST your action and physics shot with this Body Mechanics course. As you know "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse" has meant a change in the animation industry, with that in mind, you will be able to learn some of the techniques used in the movie for the body mechanics shots. Primary focus on blocking!

Learn how to do nice, organic and amazing blockings to make easier the splinning, even if its on twos.

PLUS! Students will get 25% Discount Coupon for Apollo rig and receive customized spidey suit!

Entire course release date: February 26, 2021. Available at pre-sale pricing today!

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  • Pre-sale pricing is subject to change as we start drip release of the modules for each course, and we approach final course release date. Special pricing available to make course more accessible to students before launch date at a fraction of the final price.

  • Each lesson displayed for each module is just a reference of the material to cover. Many more lessons will be added once each module is uploaded.

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