Brand new "LIVE" courses coming soon this SPRING!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We've been working hard these past months in Animawarriors to provide students more courses to fit different levels of experience and give each student a high level of interaction with instructors/mentors with live grouped sessions in which students may receive feedback in real-time to grow as a professional animator.

This spring AnimaWarriors is going LIVE with:

Turboskills Mentorship: Course geared more towards beginner/intermediate animators to provide a high-end technical mentorship to boost your skills as an animator. Students will learn how to apply and improve their abilities in the animation making process with direct and complete exercises. The class will be a mixture of LECTURES + ROUNDS. Lectures will comprise in mentor (ANDRÉS BEDATE) showing steps and clear examples of how to apply and do specific techniques, and Rounds will have students applying those techniques to provide students many scenarios in which they may practice and that are most useful in the animation film industry.

9 weeks, two sessions per week for a total of 18 sessions starting this April 6. (Limited seating)

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Anim Team Workshop: In this workshop geared towards intermediate/advanced students, all of the students will be comprised to act as an animation team. The team will be meeting with the teacher once a week for a 2.5+ hour session. During the class,  students will get feedback live from the teacher as well as give/receive animation feedback to and from their fellow team members. The teacher (Stephen Eusebio) will act as the sequence lead and Jorge Vigara as the director.

12 weeks, 1 session per week + 3 directorial meetings for a total of 15 sessions starting this May 10. (Limited seating)

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Live Series - Sparkling The Cartoon: Course geared more towards beginners. Complete a shot with Jorge Vigara, follow along step by step, unedited/uncut as he approaches a cartoony shot LIVE from planning to polish. Ask questions in real-time about his workflow, techniques and tips to help you grow as an animator.

10 weeks, 1 session per week, starting this April 11.

NOTE: Course will now be available in an online format. We are further customizing the recordings and for that we have it at pre-sale pricing!

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SUMMER ROUNDS: Geared towards more advanced animators looking to boost their creativity. Rounds are a creative development course in which you will complete a shot from planning to polish with the guidance of Jorge Vigara to direct your creative choices in hopes of achieving the most unique and professional results.

9 weeks, 2 sessions per week, for a total of 18 sessions starting in June2. (Limited to 12 students)

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See you all this spring LIVE! :)

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