Brand new "LIVE" courses coming soon this Summer!

Updated: Jul 31

Like Forest Gump’s mama used to say “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”  This is why we’ve been thinking of brand-new courses, that can make you quick on your feet, with current environment we’re living. Make technology work for you, and not against you, so you may focus on the “good stuff”: NURTURING YOUR CREATIVITY & YOUR UNIQUE ANIMATION STYLE.

Learning 3d animation is not an exact science, it’s an art, and as so it’s good to add to your toolbox an array of tips, tricks and cheats from various mentors. With that in mind this summer we bring you 3 new live courses to power up your skills and aid you in your professional career path.

This Summer AnimaWarriors is going LIVE with:

2d POWER UPS for 3d animators: Course geared more towards beginner/intermediate animators. With an array of tips and practices, in this class you will learn to use a 2d brain to create 3d images. Providing 2d basics intertwined with 3d movements. By going back to 2d basics and understanding how you think when you draw, it will unleash a whole new 3d spectrum of possibilities. This course will comprise in mentor (SCOTT WRIGHT) with a mixture of 2d/3d based lectures, showing steps and clear examples of how to apply and do specific techniques. You may ask questions live and interact with Scott and other animators in real-time to enhance your learning experience.

10 sessions total, twice a week starting this August 13. (Limited seating)

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Hybrid Workflow: In this workshop geared towards beginner/intermediate students, learn a systematic approach that includes the old school ways that 2d animators used and the new workflows that take advantage of the computer and make the program work for you. With a mixed pose to pose and layered animation simultaneously in blocking and polish. Follow along (Kevin Nguyen) as he shows you his perfected hybrid workflow, specially useful for remote animators and also for studio purposes. Interact and ask questions in real-time with Kevin and other animators to enhance your learning experience.

10 sessions total, twice a week starting this August 31st. (Limited seating)

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Maya + animBot Workshop: We're bringing everything back to the start, cementing essential basics of Maya and animBot, a super powerful tool to aid your animation making process. So mentor (Stephen Eusebio) with his 12 year experience, has prepared a 10 week bootcamp showcasing the most essential techniques to speed up your workflows and secure film quality results. This may very well prove useful for beginners and more experienced animators.

10 sessions, twice a week starting this July 20.

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BUNDLE UP! Want to plan your summer ahead? Check out our new "Cartoon Splash" bundle, and navigate through ALL our new live courses + get entire MasterCartoon course + one E-critique FREE available for a limited time HERE.

See you all this Summer LIVE! :)


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