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- Strong and appealing posing.

- Basic workflow, from blocking to spline.

- Basic Spline workflow.

- Basic work frame by frame.

- Basic multiple limbs and smears work.


- Composing an interesting timing.

- Isolated animation. Focusing the work in a concrete part of the character.

- Medium complexity workflow and spline. Medium work frame by frame, adding extra push on breakdowns.

- Extreme pushing poses and snappiness.


- High performance in cartoon making for feature level.

- High complexity on workflow. First blocking pass, blocking advance and spline. High frame by frame detailed work.

- Big distortions, waves, and organic follow through work to add organicity.


- Explore how we do a straight ahead animation.

- Going with the flow.

-Pure exercise of free style animation on the go. No planning. No set time range. Just go.


- Basic drills and tips to work on a shot done on 2's.

- Pose to pose workflow under the "limited animation" philosophy.

- How to plan your timing ahead for a good balance in snappiness & effective results.

- How to do poses for camera deformation & apply multiple limbs.

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More coming soon!

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