Cool things that are happening in this 2020 for Animawarriors.

We are super excited to announce that very soon we will have new senior collaborators, instructors and mentors joining Animawarriors for new LIVE courses.

The main goal is to provide all students different learning dynamics and methods so you may choose your own path at all times and preferred learning style. With the new collaborators we want them to play a prominent mentor role, in addition to lectures and workshops for students.

Another very important goal is to allow beginner and intermediate animators to get more practice, have a mentor evaluate their reels, techniques, providing a very hands on approach. Therefore, provide more practical courses, mimicking real life scenarios in the production stage working with studios, a supervisor and director so students may better train and hone their skills.

So stay tuned guys! We will soon share full details of new LIVE courses to aid you in further enhancing your animation skills.


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