Feature Me (July 2020)

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Sit back & relax for a bit, and enjoy the amazing creations from our AW students and Premium Toyrig users.

Animator: Roberto Mortera from TurboSkills Mentorship.

Cuz even superheroes gotta do #1!

Animator: Pablo Salvador from Rounds.

The beauty is in the details...

like wow!

Animator: Sam Surplice - Rounds student.

Toy gots tonz of swag!

Animator: Frank Morales - Rounds student.

Live, Love, Laugh... And just Dance!

Animator: Kim Jihwan - Premium Toyrig user.

After every rainbow, there's a storm. HA!

Animator: Gabriel Fazzioni - From MasterCartoon.

I dare you not to smile. =D

Animator: Gerardo Diez Blanco - From Esencia en Español.

Toy got game? The jury is still out... =P

Hope you guys had fun. Make sure to tune for our next "Feature Me" release!

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