Feature Me (Sept 2020)

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Grab some popcorn and check out these awesome shots done by our talented AW students and Premium Toyrig users.

Animator: Dahvid Cuevas from AnimChallenge.

Exaggerate challenge achieved! A++

Animator: Isaac Salinas from The Essence of 3d Animation.

As one wise OGRE once said: "Better out than in!" :P

Animator: Davin Nicolas -Turboskills student.

Prepare to be amazed! Simply flawless acting...

Animator: Julien Ferritto - From Animchallenge.

This hits so close to home! ='D

Animator: Fabian Martinez - student from "La Esencia de la animación 3d en español."

Superrrrr amazing. Get it!? ;)

Animator: Natalia Alysheva - Rounds student.

The split second timing! Ya gotta love it...

Animator: Axel Blin - MasterCartoon student.

Chillax for a bit... =P

Hope you guys had fun. Make sure to tune in for our next "Feature Me" installment and keep supporting these up and coming talent!

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