Finding The Shot Through Rhythm with Stephen Eusebio.

Have you ever tried describing what you wanted your shot to feel like? Or what your shot sounds like to you in your head?

Finding The Shot Through Rhythm is another method of executing your shot but starting from the Rhythm and the Energy. Study a lecture and walk through a shot with Stephen Eusebio - 12 year experience in the animation industry.

In this class, students will learn about utilizing a flexible workflow that can be used for almost any type of shot. They’ll learn how to listen to their instincts, find a connection to the shot, and turn those intuitions into something practical and useful.

A mixture of Online & Live Course as students will also be working on their own shots with the method they learn from the lectures/demos & will be able to access 6 LIVE grouped "Follow Up Classes" with Stephen Eusebio - for Q&As, style meetings and feedback.

Key points to be covered:

  • Finding The Shot. Animating The Shot.

  • Hearing The Rhythm. Animating The Rhythm.

  • Energy & Rhythm - Gut Instinct.

  • Scene Optimizing, Rig setup, Shot setup.

  • Adding Texture.

  • Alternative Methods & Tips & AND MORE...

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