Happy Halloween + Student Showcase!

Trick or Treat! Hope you guys enjoy yourself today & stuff your faces with candies. In the meantime, relax for a bit with some pumpkin pie and a glass of apple cider, and check out the amazing talent from our AW students and Premium Toyrig users. :)

But to start things off our amazing instructor, Kevin Nguyen, created a yummy animation for Halloween Season with Apollo rig by Ramon Arango.

Check them out!

Animator: Kevin Nguyen - "Close Up Facial Acting" instructor.

Brb... stuffing ma face with some chocolates!

Animator: Jaffar Rezzouq - Toyrig Premium User.

This is so good... We just couldn't wait for X-mas to release it! :P

Animator: Shyngwan Jin -Toyrig Premium User.

So soooo smoothhh... A+++

Animator: Anat Dayag - Toyrig Premium User.

I TOTALLY reacted the same way when my best friend and brother started to date! *Group Hug*

Animator: Kevin Scott - TurboSkills Mentorship student.

Toy at the brink of madness. Simply perfect!

Animator: Imogen Rolfe - TurboSkills Mentorship student.

Rule #1: Never shush. HA!

Animator: Shyngwan Jin -Toyrig Premium User.

As if the "Meow" will make everything okay again! LOL!

Hope you guys had fun. Make sure to tune in for our next "Feature Me" installment and keep sharing your animations with us. We absolutely love them! :)

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