Meet Andrés Bedate - TurboSkills Mentorship

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Check down below video call with Andrés Bedate and Jorge Vigara:

For Animawarriors team one big goal for this 2020 was to provide all students a high level of interaction with new mentors and instructors to ensure students grow, learn and receive guidance in real-time. Therefore, we wanted to make sure to bring on board new mentors, with a lot of experience, but also with a great desire to interact, care, and provide constructive feedback to all students.

We are glad to present Andrés Bedate.

He will be the mentor leading new Live 3d Animation course: Turboskills Mentorship. Our main goal is for students to learn an array of "turbo" tips, tricks and techniques from Andrés, who has great technical experience. And then to have Rounds with him applying those techniques on various exercises to provide students as much practice as possible to boost them into becoming more advanced animators.

You may check out Andrés' links, reels and bio information HERE.

You may learn and apply to Turboskills Mentorship HERE.

TurboSkills Mentorship will be available this FALL! Early bird pricing still available.

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