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Updated: Aug 24, 2020


Kevin Nguyen is a freelance animator in New York City. He has been animating professionally for 6 years. He got his big break into feature film starting out as a Disney Apprentice. He then continued onto Sony Imageworks where he worked on several projects such as Angry Birds, Storks, and The Emoji Movie. He also got an opportunity to learn the lego style of animation when he joined Animal Logic on the production of Ninjago.

During the time that Kevin was in feature films, he was in a long distance relationship with his now fiancé, who lives in NYC. Kevin always knew that he had to find a way back to her. Near the end of 2017 he was introduced to the freelance life, and that completely changed his mindset. Since then he has been a freelance animator, creating his own company, Kwin-Z Artist Inc., and has worked on numerous projects such as Google Spotlight’s “Age of Sail” that was directed by John Kahrs, Netflix’s Love Death and Robots short film “Suits” (not on his public reel because of NDA rules), several feature films such as “Scoob!” and “Ugly Dolls”, and a number of cinematics from Blur.

The fast paced freelance animation lifestyle forced him to adapt quickly to each new production. It was because of this that Kevin slowly developed THE HYBRID WORKFLOW. Having worked on feature films, game cinematics, in game cycles, short films and commercial productions, Kevin, has fully developed his versatility in different animation styles and production needs.

You may also find Kevin here:

You may check a demo Kevin has prepared giving us a small taste of his upcoming course down below:

You may check Hybrid Workflow intro teaser with Kevin below as well:

See you guys this summer!

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