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Updated: Aug 24


Scott Wright is a 2D and 3D animator with 25+ years of feature film experience. He attended Sheridan College in Canada where he studied Character Animation and has his master’s degree in illustration from the Academy of Art.

After graduating from college Scott was hired by DreamWorks Animation where he worked for 15 years as both a 2D and 3D animator. Scott worked closely with Directors, Producers and Supervising Leads to establish the animation style for films.

He then worked as a Character Animation Professor at CalArts(California Institute of The Arts) in which he reviewed portfolios for potential candidates and students progress on artistic animation productions. He was also a professor in Savannah College of Art and Design where he managed 20-40 films from concept to completion in ten-week schedules while developing a broad range of artistic styles with latest technology and film aesthetics. Taught storyboarding, visual development and 2d/3d animation classes.

Over the past 10 years Scott has also been freelancing for commercials, feature films, and tv shows as either a storyboard artist, character designer, prop designer and is currently working at Disney Television Animation as a 2D character animator.

Scott’s skills include strong acting and storytelling sensibility, which enhances any image with humor, drama, and action. Ability to create concept art with understanding of both 2D and 3D production pipeline.

His film credits include; Prince of Egypt, The Road to Eldorado, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, SCOOB and many more.

When not working, you will find Scott, well...drawing!

You may also find Scott here:

Scott will be giving this Summer, new live course "2D POWER UPS for 3D Animators". You may learn more about the course HERE.

Also, Scott has taken the time from his schedule to prepare a small demo showcasing how to take the rule of 3rd to the next level. A small taste of the various tips and cheats he will be covering in his new course. Check it down below.

Check out 2D POWER UPS for 3D Animators intro teaser with Scott!

See you all this summer!


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