Microgestures & "Because of That" Improv

This week we bring you two great clips to add to your warrior tips&tricks toolbox.

First, from the "The Essence of 3D Animation" course we bring you a clip covering microgestures, those nuances and inbetweens that are great to enrich a character's performance. Check those tips by Jorge Vigara.

Second, we bring you a great warm up exercise that you may practice at home by yourself or with a group of friends from "Improv for 3D Animators" course with Ere Santos.

When constructing a story there are external events that keep adding drama or interesting nuances developed through a tool called "Story Spine". It allows our main characters to continue an epic journey of trials that they must overcome. You continue adding new layers of events ("because of that") which result in the character taking a different journey ("and then") until you reach a conclusion.

Ere uses an example from the movie Ratatouille and how well that film follows this story spine formula, and explains how to use that formula to come up with our own stories on the spot! This is a great exercise to keep your creativity sharp and practice storytelling.

Then our students Hector and Jocelyn, absolute rockstars, tackle their own improvisation skit. We totally think the "Magical Skateboard" may be coming soon to a theater near you! ;)

Enjoy guys!

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