Secrets of the 3d animation industry (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 24

Excerpt from our Q&A with Jorge:

E: This course will also have coaching sessions twice a month. What can you tell me about that?

J: The idea is to be able to discuss career plans, real life dilemmas from the students, there are always so many interesting and unique questions. Some ask if they should relocate, what they should study next, how to continue challenging and expanding their skills? There are so many benefits to this profession if you know how to nurture your personal creativity drive and apply that IT FACTOR to a production-minded industry. That is the nature of the beast…

That is why the course has the longest name ever: Balancing your 3d animation career as a Warrior. With the proper coaching you may get far and be very successful without forgetting to have FUN. Just like with Open Feedback or Rounds the main focus is creative animation development (how to animate & develop your animation skills in a unique way), with these coaching sessions the main focus is creative career development; in a smart, healthy and balanced way tailored to your personal needs.

Because like I said, this career has so many benefits and... yes, the salary is one main point of course! The time off, you get to travel, the many people you get to meet, the animation community behind all of this; so many beautiful aspects. So many FUN elements that we must not forget, but I’ve noticed how that may take a back seat when being so production focused.

For example, working with Sony Pictures Imageworks was a rewarding experience, great learning experience, we had many real talks as well with open channels of communication with everyone involved. They brought me to Vancouver, put their trust in me for which I’m deeply grateful for… for my past co-workers too…It’s a beautiful community to be a part of.

BUT, the demanding working hours, rotations, working over the weekend, overtime, continually learning to adapt to feedback one day to the other. I wasn’t taking the best care of myself, being at the peak of my animation career, doing so much overtime, working during the weekends, over 60hrs… you get so immersed in the production process, in the competitiveness, in delivering work that you may forget about why you first started all of this: for me it all started with a piece of paper and colored pens, then exploring animation, having fun developing a relationship with my characters just for the sake of it.

That is why I find it important to give this course, because I know that there are silent ailments, stress, burn out, and anxiety that comes with it and obstructs the quality of your animations. Luckily for me, I was able to have conversations with the artist management, HR and supervisors at Sony to create new working scenarios so I could continue working with them, real person to person talks treating me as an equal, I can’t thank them enough. But not everybody will have this fortune and I’m aware of that, so it is always important to be emotionally, physically and mentally well prepared. For me it was learning meditation and relaxation techniques, talking with a therapist and expressing myself. And this is something I want to provide the students with this course too, have someone that's been in their shoes be able to listen to them, to their needs, truly understand them, and help them learn how to harness their inner WARRIOR.

I'm now a firm believer that, just like you invest so much time in learning this technique & that trick, following a step-by-step, that same amount of time or more you have to invest in yourself, going back to the basics, practicing just for fun, exploring just for fun, creating just for fun. Removing that mentality, that if you take this course and that course, you are production ready and will land the job. Uniqueness beats clones every time. 😉 I wish someone had reminded me that 10 years ago...

E: Who knows maybe one day you might surprise us with possibly: Animawarrios Production Studio?

J: If so, I want to keep building teams that have as a main goal to create around beautiful and healthy work environments. Show young animators how to get the power of their creativity and use it in a way that satisfies them and helps them grow. Find and create exceptional art but the only way to do that is by looking within and not trying to just copy someone else’s work. Using references is really important but to allow it to spark your unique styles and traits, I want to help them find what makes them different, find their ANIMA WARRIOR.

To be continued…

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