Updated: Jul 24, 2020

E-CRITIQUES are a new method for shot feedback.

We evaluate your shot (at any stage of your animation process) and provide guidance, following standards of the industry, to help you grow your skill sets and improve your shot.

E-critiques combine written feedback and visuals into the frames notes in your animation using syncsketch. Customized to your needs, depending on the animation style you want to achieve or to what studio you may want to submit your reel, etc.

So if you're working on your own shot or trying to finish up your reel you may submit it and get a full professional review of:

- How is your Posing

- How is your Character performance . This includes simplicity of ideas and creativity in general.

- How is your Timing

- How is the Spacing ( If applicable )

- How is your Design of your animation.

- How are those Breakdowns doing ? This includes trajectory tracking and the use of different techniques.

- How is your splining ( if applicable )

- And More...

You will get 3 reviews so plan accordingly your showing.

Watch video below of how feedback works and submitting your shot:

Learn more about E-CRITIQUES HERE.

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