Why is it that our 3D animations are disliked by an audience?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

We first have to start off by remembering the basic principles of posing which are: Delivery of Information + Appeal.

Taking into account that a single pose may deliver an audience an insurmountable amount of information, every detail must be considered.

Ask yourself: Am I delivering information with my pose? On our Masterclass course “The Essence of 3D animation” we talk about how a single pose carries so much meaning, therefore, if we consider that there are 24 frames per second in our animations, the power we hold of all the information we are trying to transmit needs to be planned, even before we start our animations. Like old school animators used to do, doing quick 2D sketches to guide them in their intent.

But let’s go back to our initial question. Why is it that my 3D animation is disliked by an audience? Why is it not connecting the way we intended? The answer is APPEAL.

But what is appeal and why does it matter? Appeal (or beauty) is always subjective and ever evolving throughout time. So how can you make it so that your shots or animations appeal to more people?

It is important to remember that the main purpose of appeal is to provoke. Provoke what? Well, it may provoke some kind of pleasure, emotion, memory, or sparks something within the audience that they didn’t even know was there to begin with, like that AHA MOMENT OF DISCOVERY, that gets them teary-eyed because it’s so powerful.

At that point is when your delivery of information + appeal must be cohesive, synergistic. You may spark some kind of pleasure to your viewers but not deliver the information you intended to; you are misunderstood. Or you may deliver the message you actually intended to but no one wants it, your work is not appealing enough. Getting the delivery of information and appeal to work together is where the ESSENCE of 3D animation lies.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts on this.

This is something that we may work on at Rounds(shot feedback) which start this January 3rd, you may still do so on an Early bird price of $790 . We may go over any shots or reels you have, dig deep on the information you want to give to your audience and work on its appeal to achieve magic. Go over to the

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