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Reimagining Reference





Planning is a key step in animation, and references are one of the most important tools we use as animators. That's why we are doing this course so you will learn how to carefully analyze your reference, extract the necessary information from it, and then apply them in a believable and appealing way to multiple styles of animation. 


11 weeks -1 session per week.

Strating on October 9th, 2022, Sundays at 10 am PST.


One Single payment : $529 or

Flexible payment in 2 months of $299 each

This course includes:


Learn from an expert
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The real world is full of details and pieces of information that set the foundations for any shot in animation - no matter the style you are working on. We know, for example, that we move much slower in the real world, and that for realistic styles we require more mechanics to get from one position to another ... but how we can take advantage of all this vast source of inspiration and ideas, and learn how to make it better?  What can be exaggerated, made faster or taken out? In this course, we will explore in-depth a large variety of real-life phenomena applied into animation such as micro-movements, Real-world fleshiness vs designed stiffness, Body mechanics, timing, spacing and more, to help you learn a system of deep analysis and observation to get all the juices out and more from any reference. 

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Introduction to reference and the importance of it. Examples of
reference reels and see where animators kept close to the reference and
where they veered off of it.

Session 2: Realistic animation and how to capture exactly what you see in
your reference. Live Blocking out of an animated shot. 

Session 3: Understanding what is too far in posing realistic animation. Continuation of the shot into Spline.
Session 4: How to capture the tiny nuances of real-life Continuation of the shot into Polish. 
Session 5: Stylized animation and how to keep the mechanics while pushing
the posing. Live Blocking. 

Session 6: What do you keep and what do you eliminate? Is the essence of
your reference still there? Continuation of the shot into Spline.

Session 7: How pushing the posing and the timing reinforces the acting from
your reference . Continuation of the shot into Polish. 

Session 8: How do we create Cartoony/Pushed and exaggerated animation
from real-life reference? Live Blocking. 

Session 9: How far can you push the posing and timing while still retaining
the essence of your reference? Continuation of the shot into Spline.

Session 10: When do we lean towards design over mechanics? Can we
sacrifice mechanics to pursue the idea? Continuation of the shot into Polish. 

Session 11: Conclusion of class all the lessons, revisiting the reference and all
the different styles

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Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is a freelance animator in New York City, currently working with Blizzard Cinematic's team. He has been animating professionally for 7 years. He got his big break into feature film starting out as a Disney Apprentice. He then continued onto Sony Imageworks where he worked on several projects such as Angry Birds, Storks, and The Emoji Movie. He also had an opportunity to learn the lego style of animation when he joined Animal Logic on the production of Ninjago. 

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