They are called in many different ways : shot reviews, critiques, feedback , rounds... Pick your chosen one. The point here is that we will be looking at the evolution of your shot, from planning to polish, and help you to improve and direct your creative choices towards the most creative results to help your career and your personal creative drive to find it's own way. 

ToyRig is a AAA rig done by AAA professionals from the film industry, and you will have full access to it for 6 months for any personal shot. 
That being said, you can use any other rig that you feel more attracted to... but just so you know that from the very beginning you'll have total access to one of the most powerful rigs available now.  


Classic studio style shot reviews

We will be using the same systems they do on any major studio on a daily basis. Zoom and Syncsketch will be our only tools, so you’ll be able  access remotely, anywhere in the world. Plus you'll get access to all recordings using our new content studio HERE.

Grow as animator with your shot, step by step.

One of the best ways to learn is by getting feedback as your shot evolves through all the stages. 
My goal is to help each of you to get honest and direct critique about your creative direction and skillsets, so you can keep growing as animator and find your way within the animation industry. 
Also, by being part of a group critique you will learn under different scenarios that sometimes, in a 1 to 1 rounds may never show up. 

Free access to ToyRig

4 months FREE access animbot

Sign up to Rounds and get FREE access to animbot for 4 months.

My experience with rounds couldn’t have been any better. It was exactly what I was looking for at this point of my career, Jorge and his loose mentorship style helped me make the most out of every exercise while I still felt that every decision belonged to me. I believe this helped me to grow faster and be more confident in my choices as an animator. I couldn’t recommend the course enough!

Lucas Barbosa

Ready for Rounds?

Next rounds sessions starts (NEW DATES TO BE ADDED SOON)



CHOOSE between 6pm to 8pm or from 11am to 1pm (Vancouver time, GMT -7).


450 usd - Early Bird (TBD)

599 usd - Regular Pricing (TBD)

Summer Rounds are now FULL. You may still send in your application for potential Fall/Winter dates.

The application is completely free. Instructors will evaluate your application, if approved you will receive an invitation to be part of Rounds and continue process.

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