Rounds series - Summer 2019

They are called in many different ways : shot reviews, critiques, feedback , rounds... Pick your chosen one. The point here is that we will be looking at the evolution of your shot, from planning to polish, and help you to improve and direct your creative choices towards the most creative results to help your career and your personal creative drive to find it's own way. 

Grow as animator with your shot, step by step.

One of the best ways to learn is by getting feedback as your shot evolves through all the stages. 
My goal is to help each of you to get honest and direct critique about your creative direction and skillsets, so you can keep growing as animator and find your way within the animation industry. 
Also, by being part of a group critique you will learn under different scenarios that sometimes, in a 1 to 1 rounds may never show up. 


Free access to ToyRig

ToyRig is a AAA rig done by AAA professionals from the film industry, and you will have full access to it for 6 months for any personal shot. 
That being said, you can use any other rig that you feel more attracted to... but just so you know that from the very beginning you'll have total access to one of the most powerful rigs available now.  


Classic studio style shot reviews

We will be using the same systems they do on any major studio on a daily basis. Zoom and Syncsketch will be our only tools, so you’ll be able  access remotely, anywhere in the world.


Dates and pricing

Animawarriors first sessions rounds ever will happen twice a week, on July and August 2019, with a total of 18 sessions. Be mindful the times below corresponds to Pacific Daylight Time ( GMT -7)  :

July 2019:
- Tuesday the 2nd - 10 am

- Friday the 5th - 10 am

- Tuesday the 9th - 10 am

- Friday the 12th - 10 am

- Tuesday the 16th - 10 am

- Friday the 19th - 10 am

- Tuesday the 23rd - 10 am

- Friday the 26th - 10 am

- Tuesday the 30th - 10 am

August 2019:

- Friday the 2nd - 10 am

- Tuesday the 6th - 10 am

- Friday the 9th - 10 am

- Tuesday the 13th - 10 am

- Friday the 16th - 10 am

- Tuesday the 20rd - 10 am

- Friday the 23rd - 10 am

- Tuesday the 27th - 10 am

- Friday the 30th - 10 am

ROUNDS DURATION: All rounds will last in between 2 to 4 hours. 

- Early bird : Pay before June the 1st - 450 usd. 

- Normal price, after June the 1st - 520 usd. 

If interested, please submit your application in order to access to the rounds. Once your application is done, due to the high demand and the variety of levels, I'll be contacting those 12 that will attend to this first group. 

 Any questions you may have, please feel free to reach me to