We see the Animation Arts as a playground for self expression and unique artistry .
You create your own path, we just give you the resources. 

Our mission

We are always in the seek of artists and professionals that appreciates the value of teaching. Do you want to work with us as teacher? Are you a lighter that wants to give live to our animated shots? Give us a "hi!" - don't be shy!

Our unique culture

starts with our unique team

Our team

Seriously, we just want to have fun. 

Jorge Vigara

Director | Founder

Adanma Onuoha

Marketing Strategist

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Mariana Erausquin

Platform Manager

Juan Molano

Admissions Advisor

Kate Thomas

Video Editor

Lucas Barbosa

Community Lead

Isaac Salinas

Community Lead

Jorge Vigara


Sony Imageworks | Illumination

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