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For almost 5 years animBot has been the main toolset for 3d animators in Autodesk Maya. Its creator, Alan Camilo, was already a recognized animator in studios such as Sony Animation and Reel FX when he created animBot to cover his own needs for his personal workflow as an artist. Today, this toolset is an essential for  all the major studios around the world and its functionality and intuitiveness has simplified and fastened the animation process.  


Official Partners

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At Animawarriors, we are very happy and thankful to Alan for the trust to become an official animBot learning partner.   We hope that with animBot Academy, all  3d animation artists around the world are able to unlock their creativity and reach their full potential.

Did you know that when you study with Animawarriors you are eligible for discounts on  animBot licenses? Reach out and ask us how:

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We are aware of the infinite possibilities of animBot.  Is there a particular tool or workflow within animBot you’ve got questions about?   Share it with us and we’ll put it into the mix for an upcoming Academy. 

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