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What are Online Courses?

Online courses are pre-recorded courses, with no fixed deadline for you to finish them. The access to the course never expires, you may view recordings at your own pace. One-time payment. We currently have more than a dozen online available.  

How does a MasterClass Online Course work?

The MasterClasses (Essence of 3d animation and MasterCartoon) are slightly more complex online courses. There is a mixture of theory (so students understand the basics) and a step-by-step tutorial of the shot being demonstrated. They have assignments that students must submit on which you will receive written and visual feedback. Aside from the individual assignments students have the option to complete their own shot in order to access a Certificate. They also receive feedback on this process.

What is Open Feedback?

Open feedback are grouped live sessions that take place twice a month via web conference. These sessions are available to students that purchase "The Essence of 3d animation" and the "3d Animation Full Training Program" in which they may ask Jorge an animation related question, share any shots they are working on for their course, and receive personalized feedback.

I purchased MasterCartoon, can I still join Open Feedback?

Yes, but student will be required to pay an additional fee of $89USD, for 6 month access to the sessions. If interested feel free to send in an email to to get started.

What are Tips & Tricks?

The Tips & Tricks are online courses which demonstrate a cycle. We currently have Snappy Run and Salsa Dance, featuring a run and dance cycle respectively. Snappy Run was created by Jorge Vigara and Salsa Dance by Federico Abib. These courses are step-by-step tutorials in which you may follow along the instructor but they have no assignments, therefore, no feedback is provided for these courses. Just like all online courses, access to the recordings never expires so you may take it at your own pace.

What are Rounds (feedback sessions)?

Rounds are live grouped feedback sessions in which the student goes through the animation making process with instructor in order to complete a shot. From Planning to Polish, making sure high quality film standards are met. Rounds are not really live courses as there are NO lectures from instructor, just specific and dedicated shot feedback.

What are Live Courses?

Live courses are grouped courses that take place via zoom web conference. The main goal is to offer students a higher level of interaction with instructor, and to be able to ask questions and receive feedback in real time. Live courses take place once a year or twice, student must complete assignments while the course is taking place if they want to receive a course certificate. Though, once the course is finished students will still have access to the recordings and may view them again at their own pace. Some live courses are mainly LECTURES (Hybrid Workflow/2DPOWERUPS/Maya-animBot Workshop) and other live courses are a mixture of LECTURES+ROUNDS (Turboskills Mentorship/Rounds/Anim Team Workshop).

Why do I have to Apply to certain Live Courses?

Like mentioned above some courses are mainly LECTURES and some are LECTURES+ROUNDS. For the courses that include Rounds, in which the student must complete their own shot while the course is taking place, there is a higher degree of difficulty and we need to make sure the student has enough technical understanding and skills to participate in this type of course. For the courses that are mainly LECTURES, students do have assignments and practices but they are not obligatory so if they just wish to view the instructors demonstrations and workflows, they may still join so no pre-screening process is necessary.

Toyrig and animBot Freebies?

All courses have additional freebies to aid the student in completing the course. Usually we offer free Toyrig license for 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus an animBot $10USD discount, or for some live courses an animBot 4 month free license. All in hopes of providing all necessary tools so student may complete the course successfully.

What are E-Critiques?

E-Critiques are our new shot feedback method we have available. Student receive formal feedback and evaluation of their skills, suggestions on how to improve, and directly receive visual feedback of their shot into their syncsketch frame notes. You may purchase 1 E-Critique or Shot Follow Up which is essentially 3 E-Critiques so you may get feedback on the most important animation aspects such as golden poses workflow, blocking, lipsync, splinning, acting, blocking advanced, etc.

I'm a beginner with zero Maya or 3d animation knowledge.  Where should I start?

We recommend you start with the Maya and animBot course. This course will provide you essential tips and core concepts so you may get a broad understanding of Maya and animBot. This course should provide enough elements so you may get starting with simple but efficient beginner exercises while you become used to all the tools.

I'm a beginner.  Fairly familiar with Maya, have done some simple animations before using inanimate objects.  Where should I start?

We recommend you start with Tips & Tricks run and dance cycles. Both Snappy Run and Salsa Dance show you step by step how to do a cycle, which is a great starting point for more complex 3d animation. Plus, our instructors use Toyrig, which is our AAA character rig, which is very user friendly and has been created for teaching purposes.

I'm a beginner-intermediate student (1-2 years animating).  Where should I start?

If you have the time for live courses, you may join 2D POWER UPS or Hybrid Workflow, geared for more intermediate students. Otherwise, if you have very little free time The Essence of 3d Animation and MasterCartoon will aid you in further expanding your skills.  If you are looking for something more substantial, you might want to consider our 3 year 3d Animation Full Training program.

I'm an intermediate-advanced student (3-4 year experience animating). Where should I start?

We recommend taking part in Rounds, TurboSkills Mentorship or Anim Team Workshop. These are more challenging courses, with more complex techniques and you have to prepare your own shot as well. (You could also take Hybrid Workflow & 2D POWER UPS as they also feature tips and cheats from experts and many practices but are less challenging as you will not work on your own individual shot with said instructors.)

I'm not sure what level I am. Can you evaluate my skills?

Of course, you may send an email with your details, reel, latest shot and we may help you out.

You can also write us at

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