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Jordan Barg

Walt Disney Animation

Sony Imageworks

Reel FX


Jordan Barg is an animator from Montreal currently working at Walt Disney Animation in Vancouver.

His career began with internships at two of the top feature film studios in the world: Sony Pictures Imageworks and Blue Sky Studios, where he learned the ins and outs of working in an animation studio while being mentored by the incredible artists who worked there.

After graduating from Seneca College in Toronto in 2019, Jordan started work on his first feature film, 2020's SCOOB! at ReelFX back in his hometown of Montreal. Following that he went to Tangent Animation to work on Netflix's Maya and the Three, and continued working with Netflix when he moved to Sony Pictures Imageworks to work on The Sea Beast and Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse. He´s currently an animator at Walt Disney Animation. 

With projects of many different styles under his belt, Jordan wants to share his knowledge through his classes. Ranging from cartoony to naturalistic animation styles, and feature film to fast paced series deadlines, he is excited to share the lessons he's learned. Inspired by his wide array of mentors over the years, Jordan wants to teach the way his favourite classes have been taught: keeping things engaging, fun, and interactive.

You can find Jordan playing racket sports, video games, guitar, or chess in his free time, as well as working on his filmmaking skills making live-action videos.

Jordan Bargs's work

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