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Body Mechanics 02

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Building on the fundamentals, this course delves into the nuanced art of body mechanics with a focus on medium-level complexity, introducing the dynamic interplay between characters and their surroundings. Explore how characters react to environmental stimuli, mastering actions like interacting with objects, navigating obstacles, and responding to changing terrain.

A course by Miren Delgado (Animal Logic, Cinesite)


February 27th to April 9th, 2024.
6 Live sessions in total, 2 hrs each.

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm PST

(Pacific Daylight Time, GMT -7).



Benefits of this course:


Learn from an expert
Ask your questions and learn directly from a recognized artist


Open feedback
Twice a week. First come, first served feedback a la carte!


Learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world


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Get 10$ discount in all licenses


In this hands-on course, you'll refine your workflow to seamlessly integrate advanced body mechanics, ensuring your characters not only move realistically but also interact convincingly with their environment. Embrace the challenge of conveying weight, balance, and energy in diverse settings, from bustling urban landscapes to serene natural environments. By the end, you'll possess the skills to breathe life into characters that not only move authentically but also respond organically to the world around them, adding depth and realism to your animated creations.

A live experience in which you'll be able to follow along with the teacher, ask questions and resolves doubts in the moment and meet other artists who are part of our community.

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Planning the shot: analyzing video references, and thumbnailing ideas. Setting up the scene and layout. 

Session 2: Blocking pass 1 focusing on Storytelling Poses and Extremes.  Setting up the general path. 

Session 3: Blocking pass 2 focusing on timing and spacing. Adding Breakdowns.

Session 4: Blocking.   Adding more breakdowns and in-betweens.

Session 5: Breaking down the shot further and adjusting the camera.

Session 6: Final pass: animation broken down on 2s. Checking arcs, squash and stretch, pushing poses.  Ensuring there is nice weight, dynamism, flow and believability.   

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Miren Delgado

Miren Delgado is a character animator from Spain, with +10 years of professional experience, currently working as freelance animator in Canada. 

She moved to Canada in 2016 and since then she has been working at studios in Vancouver: Bardel Animation, participating in projects for Nickelodeon and Rovio, Cinesite on The Addams Family, and Animal Logic on The Lego Movie 2, DC League of Super Pets and more.

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How much does it cost?

One single payment


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