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Hello, I'm Ponmudi Chidambaram Poyyamoli, but you can call me Pon. I am currently working as the Rigging Lead at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver.

My fascination with animation movies since childhood led me to pursue a career in Animation after completing my Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering. In 2012, I moved from India to Canada to study animation and transform my passion into a profession. With over a decade of experience in Animation and VFX production as a CG Technical artist with specialization in Rigging, including four years as a Supervisor, My journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

I firmly believe in the power of sharing knowledge. It not only benefits fellow artists and aspiring riggers but also contributes to the industry by fostering a wealth of new thoughts and ideas. As your instructor, my goal is to demystify the rigging process. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, explore industry-standard tools and techniques, and build the confidence needed to get into 3D Rigging world.

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