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Dynamic Action Workshop





Much more than just body mechanics! 
We’re going to begin diving into who the character is, what the character wants, and how that influences their actions all the while making it look and feel awesome!

It will start on June 6th to August 22nd , every Sunday.
12 sessions in total.

From 9:30am-12:00pm (Vancouver time, GMT -7).


One Single payment : 499$ or

Optional flexible payment in 2 months of 275$ each

This course includes:


Turbo Up!
Get tons of practices to polish your skills!

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1 yr Free ToyRig
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Do you have a good understanding of body mechanics and want to take them to the next level? Put your skills to the test in this workshop! In the Dynamic Action Workshop we’ll be focusing on creating much more than just body mechanics exercises. We’ll put all that you’ve learned up to this point into the creation of an action shot! We’re going to begin diving into who the character is, what the character wants, and how that influences their actions all the while making it look and feel awesome!

How does this class work?

Each class in this workshop will have the same structure: Animation Inspiration, Lecture, Workflow Demo, Workshop, and then Questions. Each student will have the option of choosing either 1 long shot or 2 shorter shots. In the assignments created by the students we’ll be focusing on incorporating dynamic action in animation, character intent and motivation, some kind of super power or weapon, action sequence cinematography, and lots more! It should be noted that the shot selection may vary depending on the difficulty of the shot and the number of characters. Throughout the course of the class, students will learn everything they need to know to make their shots successful and work-shopping their personal shots in the process.

What will students learn?

On top of learning more about animation in general, students will learn about the concepts and building blocks of making satisfying action shots. They will also learn about action shots from a film-making perspective in order to help them understand and dissect it better. They will learn very quickly that in an action shot, clarity is king! No matter how cool something looks, if it’s not clear then what’s the point? Some of the concepts we’ll be going over are: Dynamism vs. Clarity, Rhythm and Accents, Energy and Pacing, Dynamic Posing, and many more!


Dynamism vs. Clarity
Rhythm and Accents
Energy and Pacing

Dynamic Posing
Shooting an Action Shot
Intent and Motivation
Setting Up & Breaking Expectations



Get Certified

Of course! After all the work you've done we are happy to recognize your accomplishment by offering Animawarriors Certificates and Recommendation Letters.



Stephen Eusebio

Stephen Eusebio is from Los Angeles and has been a 3D artist and an Animator for 12 years. He currently works at Blizzard Cinematics. He has been there for almost 3 years animating for the best video game cinematics in the world. His work includes the cinematic and in-game cinematic shorts for Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and World of Warcraft.

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How much does it cost?

Pay in installments or in full

Pay all at once


The simplest and lowest cost option

2 Payments of


One payment now, then in 30 days 

It's ok to not know things. 


You can also write us here and we will gladly assist you. Just bear with us till we get back at you ;)

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