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My name is Ere Santos, and I’ve been an improv comedy performer for about 6 years, 3 of which I’ve been working professionally as a character animator in feature films. I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Trinity Western University in Vancouver, Canada, but taking my love of film, computers, and performance, I decided to teach myself animation. After years of painstaking effort, I was lucky enough to be accepted into an animation internship at Pixar Animation Studio, where I was truly able to hone my skills as an animator.


I’ve had the privilege of working all over the world in studios like Pixar in the USA, Sony in Canada, And DNEG, and MPC in England. I am currently a Senior Animator at Jellyfish Pictures on their first feature film project. I’ve worked in a variety of styles ranging from ultra realistic to ultra cartoony, and the one thing I’ve noticed is that the backbone of every great animation is a solid grasp of entertainment and performance. This is where my skills as an improviser and actor played a central role in every single one of my jobs from a professional right down to a creative standpoint.


With animation, I love that I will never animate the perfect animation or craft the perfect performance, so that also means I will never stop learning! The same thing exists with improv, spontaneous imperfections add so much life to a performance. Perfection is found in the imperfections. It excites me to keep pushing my artistic and technical skills and continue to strive to tell the most compelling stories that I can tell through the use of film and animation!

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