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Sam is a Senior Animator previously working at Sony Pictures Imageworks.
With a total of 7 years of professional experience in the industry he is willing to share his knowledge from his career in TV, games and features films.

He started his education as a 2D animator and transitioned comfortably into 3D animation, while retaining his 2D sensibilities. 
Working professionally for over 3 years in games productions created a healthy understanding of body mechanics and his TV work cultivated speed as well as proficiency with story telling, camera and staging.
While at Sony, Sam worked on titles such as 'Hotel Transylvania 4', 'The Seabeast' and 'Spiderman - Across The Spiderverse'.
As shown in his work, Sam has a strong grasp of the entertainment value in animation and is willing share his processes to achieve that. 

Sam enjoys rugby (sports in general), video games, drawing and getting out (and about) with friends and family in his free time.

Sam Surplice's work

Sam Surplice's courses


Animation Basics 03

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