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Posing Foundations 02 | Facial Posing

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Posing the Face is like learning a new language. Each facial pose is a visual symbol representing emotions and sensations that help your characters to send all sorts of information in their performances. 
In this course, we will learn the basics of posing facial expressions by breaking it down to the eye mask and the mouth.


January 31st to March 7th, 2023.
6 Live sessions in total, 2 hrs each.

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm PST

(Pacific Daylight Time, GMT -7).



Benefits of this course:


Learn from an expert
Ask your questions and learn directly from a recognized artist


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Our AAA rig for your course and personal shots


Learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world


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The animated face is generally divided into the eye mask ( brows & eyes ) and the mouth. In order to learn how to do facial acting,  first we need to know how to work with these two areas separately, then, how they relate to each other and to the information (or emotions) we´re trying to deliver. 
In this course, we will examine the unique characteristics that facial posing has - it´s like learning a new language! 


Course Breakdown

Session 1: Fundamentals of posing eye mask and mouth with assignments at the end of the session

Session 2: Feedback on session 1 assignments

Session 3: Posing the main emotions ( joy, fear, anger, sadness, neutral, excitement, rage, surprise... ) and more assignments at the end of the session

Session 4: Feedback on assignments and continuation of how to pose different emotions

Session 5: Phonemes and facial posing for acting, plus assignments at the end of the session

Session 6: Feedback on assignments and a review of the main aspects of facial posing



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Miren Delgado

Miren Delgado is a character animator from Spain, with 9 years of professional experience, currently working at AnimalLogic, Vancouver.

She moved to Canada in 2016 and since then she has been working at studios in Vancouver: Bardel Animation, participating in projects for Nickelodeon and Rovio, Cinesite on The Addams Family, and Animal Logic on The Lego Movie 2, DC League of Super Pets and currently on a new unannounced show.

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