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Rigging Fundamentals





Rigging is a complex but essential part of the animation pipeline, it enables animators to bring the characters to life. In this course you will be introduced to the fundamental principles and techniques of rigging. By the end of this rigging course the student will have a solid understanding of rigging basics.


Running March 27th to May 8th 2024, every Wednesday.
6 Live sessions in total

From 6:30pm - 8:30pm

(Pacific Daylight Time, GMT -7).



Benefits of this course:


Learn from an expert
Ask your questions and learn directly from a recognized artist


Open feedback
Twice a week. First come, first served feedback a la carte!


Learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world


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Welcome to the Rigging Fundamentals course, an essential exploration of the core principles behind creating effective skeletal structures for 3D animation. Designed for artists in the 3D animation world, this course strikes a balance between technicality and artistic application. You'll learn to construct precise joint hierarchies, implement skinning techniques, and master the subtleties of inverse kinematics (IK) for seamless character animations. No frills, just the practical skills needed to bring your characters to life with a solid understanding of rigging.

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Introduction to Rigging 

  •  Basic rules of rigging, and its importance in animation pipeline.

  •  Rigging terms like joints, controls, skinning, and deformation.

  • Pivot, groups, and hierarchy in a rig setup.

Session 2: Joints and IK Handles

  • The importance of joint placement on the model and joint orientation.

  • IK handles.

  • Placement of joints on the model.

Session 3: Rigging Controls

  • Controllers and their role in animation.

  • Parenting and different constraints.

  • Using controllers to move an object with the help of parenting and constraints.


Session 4: Deformers

  • Skinning and Weight painting.

  • Blendshape.

  • Key deformers like cluster, lattice, and non-linear deformers.

Session 5: Maya utility nodes

  • Connecting objects through tools like set-driven key, connection, and expression editor.

  • Math nodes.

  • Using nodes and connection tools in a simple rig for better understanding.

Session 6: Arm and Hand setup

  • Creating a basic arm and hand rig.

  • Setting up controls for easy animation.




Ponmudi CP

Hello, I'm Ponmudi Chidambaram Poyyamoli, but you can call me Pon. I am currently working as the Rigging Lead at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver.

My fascination with animation movies since childhood led me to pursue a career in Animation after completing my Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering. In 2012, I moved from India to Canada to study animation and transform my passion into a profession. With over a decade of experience in Animation and VFX production as a CG Technical artist with specialization in Rigging, including four years as a Supervisor, My journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

I firmly believe in the power of sharing knowledge. It not only benefits fellow artists and aspiring riggers but also contributes to the industry by fostering a wealth of new thoughts and ideas. As your instructor, my goal is to demystify the rigging process. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, explore industry-standard tools and techniques, and build the confidence needed to get into 3D Rigging world.

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