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& Tips&Tricks (All pre-recorded)

From the Masterclass: "The Essence of 3d animation " to the Tip&Tricks Series: "Snappy Run" ,you will find that all our online courses are flexible, with no deadline for you to finish them. All online courses are pre-recorded, have assignments that you have to turn in and be evaluated on. Also, all courses are not just step-by-step, frame by frame tutorials, before there is always background theory, thought-process on how to tackle said animation, specific techniques, workflow, etc. 


Continue expanding your 3d animation learning path with MasterCartoon, Balancing your 3D Animation Career as a Warrior, and from Tips&Tricks series Salsa Dance.

*All online courses include a  license for ToyRig (our user friendly AAA character rig done by film professionals) and discount for animBot licenses(powerful toolset for Maya animators).



Classic studio style Rounds or Live Animating Series- Group in-person sessions. (All Live!)

Live workshops and classes are geared towards creative grouped development. Providing a completely LIVE learning process in which you may interact with our instructors and mentors in real-time, ask questions, get effective feedback. Main goal is to aid you in improving your animation skills, creative choices towards the most unique results to help your career and your personal creative drive to find your own signature style.

Live courses available:

Dynamic Action Workshop

Improv for 3d Animators

TurboSkills Mentorship

All LIVE courses include a  license for ToyRig (our user friendly AAA character rig done by film professionals) and free animBot license(powerful toolset for Maya animators).


Animawarriors is something different.

Every session with Jorge starts with a simple question: are you happy?

How often do we ask this question yourself? Our industry is built on trying to make other people like our work, but do WE like it, are WE happy and satisfied with it? Jorge teaches how to listen to your own desires and helps you to find your own unique path, to follow your own creative gut, to express what you are really into.

This course is not about making the best student reel ever, it's about creativity, inner peace, balanced life and joy of animating,  it's about love to animation and to yourself as animator, it's about art and finding your own artistic happiness. 

Animawarriors is something different and in my opinion in a long distance something much more important.

Anya Dyachok


CARTOONY CENTRAL - All things cartoony!

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